Learn Chess

  • Strategies & Tactics

    The games of chess that make players famous show a mastery of strategic and tactical thinking. Once you learn the basics like pins, forks and skewers, you will be on your way to creating some fireworks over the board!

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  • Piece Movement

    Before you can ever run a race, you have to learn to walk. Before you can sacrifice a queen to force a checkmate, you have to know how the queen works! Come learn the six unique pieces and start down the road to chess greatness!

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  • Touch Move Rule

    At the biggest and best chess tournaments, there are even rules about how and when you can touch the pieces! Come learn how to play like a pro by using the Touch Move rule in your games today!

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  • Worksheets

    When you want to become better at anything, it’s going to take some practice. These worksheets will show you things every chess player should know. If you want to start piling up wins, get to know these worksheets well!

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