Special Events


At Academic Chess, we pride ourselves on providing a useful and mentally stimulating after school program. We also make sure that during the summer there is a healthy and, most importantly, fun alternative to video games and TV!

At Academic Chess Summer Camps, your students will retain the chess information they acquired during the year and add to it with daily lessons and reviews as well as plenty of play time!

Most importantly, we take care never to overload students with too much chess. Even for our instructors, three straight hours of chess can be overwhelming! We also have other games and activities as well as a healthy snack served every day.

Your student can come for a half day, starting at 9:00 A.M. and going until 12:00 P.M., or can stay for a whole day until 3:00 P.M. Either way, each week our students at Summer Camp enjoy a chess tournament with prizes for the top three finishers, as well as a pizza party to celebrate their new chess knowledge and the end of another successful week of Camp!

Each session is three days, Monday to Wednesday unless otherwise specified. Please call or email to request information about how you can save by signing up for early or signing up for multiple sessions at once!


Our Friday Knight Tournaments give our students a chance to flex their mental muscles and see if their queen is the meanest queen in town!

Even though we have a tournament at the end of each chess club, we do not emphasize a competitive angle during our after school sessions. There are many students who wish to take their newly acquired chess knowledge and put it to the test though, and for these students we have Friday Knight Tournaments!

Each Friday Knight Tournament includes a night of chess, pizza and juice for everyone, as well as trophies for the top four players in each age category! Whether your student is a beginner in grades K-2 or is a seasoned veteran in grades 3-6, we invite you to bring them out to a Friday Knight Tournament!

The most exciting element of these tournaments has to be that if students attend and take home 1st place in 4 tournaments (not necessarily consecutive), they will gain the right to call themselves an Academic Chess Grand Champion! Please call or email with questions about these exciting events, and we hope to see you and your students there!

One final note: it is never required that parents stay for the duration of the event. Parents may drop their children off with the assurance that we have operated these events for 15+ years and have it down to a science!