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King Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn


Name: King
Age: Almost 2000 years old
Birthplace: India
Favorite Childhood Memory: Once, while learning how to castle, the King only moved one square over and when the Rook went to jump over his head, the Rook tripped and fell, knocking over all of the pawns.
Biggest Fear: Sitting across the file from an enemy rook or being caught in a knight fork.
Advice to Chess Players: "Honestly, I am darn scared of rooks and queens. I like to hide away in the corner of the board until there aren't many pieces left on the board. After that, I love to come out and capture enemy pawns, chase knights, and help my own pawns reach the other side of the board. That is what I am best at." (The King quoted from an interview in London, 1889.)